Ghost has many accessories, such as pads, girths, front risers and seat diminishers,  stirrup straps, stirrups strap protectors, girth strap protectors, fenders, seat savers and Zalea’s….  each accessory is custom made to match your saddle and taste.  Saddle bags and a cantle bag also available for your Ghost .   Several examples  are below. 

Ask your dealer for the options

Pads for each model. Medicinal sheep underneath  is  an option

 Ghost OLALA girth

contact your dealer for instructions and details

 Ghost full elastic girth made from heavy duty Westip elastic. Available in any length

 WAVE girth ad WAVE DOUBLE girth. Backing in Neoprene, Wool, Sympanova and Vella. The WAVE DOUBLE has detachable backing with velcro.

Front riser and seat diminisher to balance your seat

Stirrup strap protection - custom made to match the saddle

Biothane Granite stirrup straps in brown and black - we also have mono stirrup straps

 Ghost Mini fenders

Girth strap protection - custom made to match the saddle

also available with wool or medicinal sheep

 Ghost narrow fenders

Ghost Western style fenders

Ghost  slide-on fenders

Seat saver, also available in black wool or sheepskin

Zalea, a full seat cover

GHOST Candy Pouch

Seat saver cocci, for the sensitive  riders

GHOST Bottle holder made to match your saddle

GHOST telephone Pouch

cantle and pommel bags and lateral saddle bags to match the saddle

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