All Ghost saddles have the same base. This  base is completed with panels and a seat. The base and panels determine the fitting to your horse, the seat  changes the looks and gives support to the rider. The bases are available in 3 sizes: Standard, Piccolo and Bambini. It is easy to switch seats. Your saddle can change from a dressage model into a saddle for hacking in minutes. There are many different seats to choose from, ask your dealer for advice.


one base - 3 models

The base - made from layers of flexible material - is the core of the saddle. 

The girth straps are attached to it and it has 2 positions for stirrup straps

The sliding V on the girth straps makes it possible to find the best rigging position without disturbing the stability of the saddle

The panels are attached with Velcro. In seconds you can adapt the fitting of the saddle to accommodate many types of horses.

The construction of a prehistoric saddle

For thousands of years, people rode bareback or used lambskin or wool blankets. Treed saddles weren't common until the middle ages, when horses went to battle with knights sitting tight in saddles with high fronts and rears, to prevent being tipped out of the saddle by a lance. Early nomads rode for days on their treeless saddles, 2 cushions on both sides of the spine, held together with leather straps and covered by decorative saddle covers.

Ghost saddles are a modern version of these ancient saddles

Attached a few pictures of these early saddles found in tombs in central Eurasia. These saddles date from approximately 300 BC.

decorative saddle cover 300 BC
Rider from 300 BC


The seats can be made from numerous types of leather and synthetic material. GHOST is always searching for new material. We will try to show you some of the possibilities. Pictures will always be different from the real product, also because leather is a product of nature.

The base - the core of your  GHOST saddle - is made from layers of strong and flexible material.   

  • Micropell (synthetic leather)
  • Montecchio (fabric from Nylon and Polyurethane)
  • Carbon (reinforcements around the stirrup- and rigging)
  • Biothane Granite (belting)
  • Steel (2mm inside the arch) 
  • Stainless steel for rings and studs

Oiled nubuck in 13 colours

Synthetic nubuck / suede in several colours

NEW in Lorica

Olive green and KLEIN blue

Micropell in several colours

Vegetal tanned leather “Julia”  in several colours 

(left picture is in the shade, the right one in the sun)

Micronappa in 3 colours (Synthetic Nappa)

Airshell for pads

(ask for availability of colours)

Medicinal sheepskin and other exclusive skins

The list of options is endless - ask your dealer for possibilities and check our Facebook page for updates

Ghost and Cavallin sizes

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